We are a diverse group of individuals with a variety of skills and a shared passion for creating weird, wonderful games.

What you can expect from us:

Weird games: There’s an old, grammatically incorrect saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Which is fair, depending on how you define “broke”. A door may be able to open and close, but if it doesn’t latch or it hangs off the hinges a bit so you have to lift it just right in order to move it, well that’s a broke door!
When designing and building our games, we take a moment to ask ourselves questions such as “Why are we adding this?” “Why are we implementing it this way?” “Is there a better way?” The answers may cause us to redesign basic gameplay elements or they may assure us that we’re on the right track. Either way, we won’t just blindly mimic the methods of our predecessors.
Weird idea, huh?
Wonderful games: Sure we’d like to earn some money but if we didn’t need it, we’d still want to make games! Games are amazing tools that can inform people about the world, showing them how things work or letting them explore places and concepts they might not otherwise experience. They can help people grow and cope with the obstacles life keeps throwing in our way. They can help us find friends and connect with family. They can even provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Games can do all of this while entertaining and even educating us.
That sounds pretty wonderful to me.

The Muse:

For some, a muse is a playful spirit, coaxing artistic expression. For others, a muse is a lover, gently encouraging and supportive.

For us, it was a donkey.

Maybe it started as a whisper, a mere suggestion as we watched our children study and play. The realization that games could give them a frame of reference to empower them to overcome challenges and to seek greater understanding of the world around them.

Maybe it was a tireless companion on a seemingly endless journey. Carrying us through the storms and dust. Comforting us in the dark. Guiding us when we chose to leave the well-travelled path in search of new horizons.

Maybe it was just a stubborn, ornery ass dragging us along, kicking and screaming, to meet our destiny.

Whatever the case, we didn’t seek it out: the donkey found us.

It found a strong woman, a leader, a mother, a writer, a photographer, an organizer, an entrepreneur, an unstoppable force of creation (and sometimes destruction.)

It found a kind man, a warrior poet, a son, a sculptor, a creative genius, a philosopher, a critic, an apparently limitless well of random knowledge, a tireless champion who will not quit until his duty is fulfilled.

It found a comedian, an explorer, a cynic, a rules lawyer, an annoying little brother, a wizard (apparently), a man whose sarcastic exterior disguises his enduring kindness. 

It found artists and nerds, gamers and musicians, family and friends.