Here we go!

We made a website, yay!
You can learn about who we are and what we do by reading some of the other pages on the site, so here I’ll focus on writing about our current progress. Right now we have several projects in development. Some we can talk about and others we hope to announce at a later date.
At the moment, our efforts are focused on two games: Project OVA and Pixture Perfect.
Project OVA:
For those of you who aren’t aware (because we’re so great at social media and self-promotion), we originally began concept work for OVA back in the late Summer / early Fall of 2017. Since then, we’ve managed to assemble a team of real bad-asses who put together a working, though incomplete prototype which we showed at the East Coast Game Conference, earlier this year. The overwhelmingly positive reactions we saw from players showed us that perhaps we hadn’t done a bad job after all, and maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves (happy mom?). After the conference, we took a small break from OVA development to recover from social interaction and work on a smaller project, which I’ll talk about below. Now, however, we’ve resumed working on OVA with a new round of concept design.
Since we’d already implemented the most basic elements of the game design, we’re currently focused on adding more content and polishing what’s already in the game. We’ve got ideas for new enemies and puzzles and we’re finally going to implement a major feature that we weren’t able to include in the prototype.
With the new content, we’re hoping to produce a feature-complete game demo later this year, in preparation for releasing the first full episode in 2019. To do this, we’re going to need to expand the first level, add gameplay options, and craft some engaging cinematics. NBD, right?
Pixture Perfect:
During our short hiatus from development on OVA, we’ve been building a small game for mobile platforms. It’s a casual game about colors which we’ve all found to be rather addictive (not quite caffeine-level-addictive but definitely on par with Korean drama TV). Unfortunately, I don’t have any images to show you yet, but you can read about it.
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Look for updates here and on our Twitter and Facebook, when we have more to tell you.