Project OVA

Project OVA is an adventure puzzle game with strong story- and combat elements. Viewing the world over the shoulder of their avatar, players will encounter interesting personalities, fight dangerous creatures, and solve challenging puzzles. Players can run, sneak, climb, craft, and fight as they explore the interesting home of Doctor Markov Dragunov, from the perspective of a 4-inch tall clay sculpture.
Forged in the mind of Kumar Singh, the vast universe of Project OVA contains many secrets, colorful characters, and deep lore. Multiple themes of science fiction and fantasy collide to create a cyber-bio-punk wonderland for players to shape and explore.

Pixture Perfect

Pixture Perfect is our first foray into the mobile gaming space. We wanted to build a casual, yet fun and addicting puzzle game that could be played on a lunch break or between (read: during) meetings/appointments/etc.
We specifically wanted to build something that was just a little bit different from what we’ve already seen from mobile games. So, we took the popular concept of painting-by-pixels and we’ve added a puzzle element: You don’t know what you’re painting or what colors you need to use!
In Pixture Perfect,  you are given a painting that has been obscured and you need to guess what paint colors are in the original image. When you guess correctly, you reveal a portion of the painting.